Wayfinding strategy, mapping and signage suite created for use throughout the City of Adelaide and Adelaide Parklands.
Completed while at Studio Binocular, I worked closely with creative director, Laura Cornhill to create the look and feel for the signage and mapping.
The Adelaide pictograms were created for use on all heads-up mapping, featuring prominent architectural landmarks and points of interest throughout the city.
This project picked up an AILA Urban Design Award in 2015 and a Directional and Wayfinding Gold Award at the ASGA Sign Awards in Sydney.
Selection of pictograms used in heads-up mapping.
Mapped plinth.
Mapped plinth.
Heads-up map detail with walking times.
Parkland signage including cycling and walking times.
A simpler mapping style was created for all Adelaide's parklands.
All parklands included a park welcome sign.
Cycle wayfinding was also a component of this project.
Iconography for use on mapping.
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